durian Meg Eden Poetry

by Meg Eden

Published in Issue No. 178 ~ March, 2012


the sweat

of how you


a slice from

the market


and brought

it in the

car, how


we couldn’t

roll down

the windows

but had to go

to church

in july


with the king-

of-fruit heat


against us,



like a man


his armpits

into your


salmon eggs


taste like salted

butter, only

sweeter, the consumption

of concentrated

innocence, if you look

hard enough, you see the speck

of orange inside the orange, the fetus

not yet formed, only

imagined, the taste of infant

tongue, the taste

of something not yet


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Meg Eden has been published in various magazines and anthologies, including Rock & Sling, The Science Creative Quarterly, anderbo, Gloom Cupboard, and Crucible. Her chapbook The Girl Who Came Back was given first honorable mention of NFSPS’s University level Poetry award. Her collection Rotary Phones and Facebook is to be released in June 2012 by Dancing Girl Press.