local_library There Will Be No Baseball This Summer

by Jeremy Lutes

Published in Issue No. 178 ~ March, 2012


is still moving


the sun

has made its way

to this rotation of the planet


leaves are out


there is advanced vegetation coming

through the soil


the sun is closer to our latitude


air conditioning units

will soon be engaged


fuel by the litre is on the rise


beautiful girls hair

will soon be lighter


the mornings are moist


vitamin D levels are strengthening


the general atmosphere is positive


soon the ocean temperature goes up

and new opportunities will emerge


people will be moved

the norm is changing

comfort levels are shifting


those that respond

can benefit

for years to come.



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Jeremy Germain Lutes (J.G.Lutes) was born in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Jeremy's subject matter moves, and the recent work "Across The Hall They Are Restless" (printed at Gaspereau Press) discusses BlueJay's, The Church and former girlfriends mothers. Jeremy was an honourable mention in the Writes Federation OF NS 2010 annual awards.