193 June, 2013

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Issue No. 193 ~ June, 2013

The boy immersed his hands into the sea of buttons, enjoying the feel of them crawling up between his fingers.

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Tom Haney

Issue No. 193 ~ June, 2013

Pif's June Artist Interview features Tom Haney, a creator of figurative kinetic artwork, called automata. His artistic process is incredibly involved, yet his clarity in providing details will attract, inspire, and entertain. His creations, both delicate and hypnotic, are sure to amaze.

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The Unconcealing Art

Issue No. 193 ~ June, 2013

Reading Pamela Uschuk’s Wild in the Plaza of Memory, I imagine a particular coterie of writers and artists, all vying for attention, all yearning to be heard in the poet’s brain.

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What Comes After the Fall?

Issue No. 193 ~ June, 2013

In the stillness I had time to register things, to dwell. What, I wondered, would push someone to that point? I know confusion. I know difficulty. But killing myself? That had never crossed my mind.

Aunt Mary

Issue No. 193 ~ June, 2013

That’s the thing about photographs, isn’t it? They’re silent.

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