local_library A Lightweight Object Rushes

by Jef Zerrudo

Published in Issue No. 194 ~ July, 2013

A lightweight object rushes

flapped its wing

in the mid-air hovering

a rocket thrusting

and fuels oxidising

so turbulent.

But it is impractical and senseless

that its billionth energy

connected to its tender muscles be

compared to a big force of rocketry

a numerous of them maybe.

And how about this famous chaotic matter

that if all of them flapped their wings

in China or in Manila

could perhaps affect the weather

let’s say in North America

in ten or a hundred years from now

or ere the four great winds paw.

Anyway, forget about meteorology

for its skill is greater as Arachne

being an authorised weaver of its home

a genius that was why the ancient Sinos

were gathering its cylindrical cone

to make textiles of great renown.

And together with its versatility

from an early morning’s ride

prepares to gather grains for its hide –

a sound intelligence not capricious

being the monarchical queen of blossoms

parting the coloured monochromes.

A lightweight object rushes…