When the World Ended Ryan Ange Poetry

local_library When the World Ended

by Ryan Ange

Published in Issue No. 196 ~ September, 2013

I went and sat in a small room

darkness in darkness

at the flashpoint of death I dreamed again

the heart flung open

the sky everywhere

and I remembered

what it was to live

to know things

to decide

to cut away a life from the world

to holds things

until they were gone

but the darkness has never understood the light

so I will wait here for as long as it takes

a million drops of water

against a stone

an earthquake

a million water drops long

a white star road

I will wait till the stars lose their grip on the sky

and fall like rain over the land

fire like fire never was

light without shape

world without shadow

and then I will go somewhere that needs my life

and I’ll live there and be more happy than I ever was

I’ll be content

I’ll live without a world

and if the world is strong enough it will come back

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Ryan Ange is a poet, screenwriter, and scholar in love with words, superheroes, philosophy, and the cinema.