Human, much Asha Venugopalan Poetry

local_library Human, much

by Asha Venugopalan

Published in Issue No. 197 ~ October, 2013

Top hat, waistcoat, ascot and,

a tail swishing around,


Between those jaws,

With prose-filled teeth,

a lit cigar,

a true Havana.

Flared nostrils and long lashes,

British speech and American thought

yet hooves

that can’t hold a spoon.


on a plush chair,


by a world

that wants a ‘civilised’ beast.

Caught between

mannerism and manes,

he sits on a plush chair,

with a lit cigar.

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Asha Venugopalan is a poet-writer from Bangalore, India. She writes about memories and surreal thoughts.