199 December, 2013

portrait One on One

John Dufresne

Issue No. 199 ~ December, 2013

John Dufresne's most recent novel is No Regrets Coyote (W.W. Norton & Company, 2013). He has written four previous novels, including his first novel, Louisiana Power & Light (1994), as well as Love Warps the Mind a Little, (1997), which were both New York Times notable books. His other novels are Deep in the Shade of Paradise (2002) and Requiem, Mass. (2008).

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Christmas – Our Style

Issue No. 199 ~ December, 2013

Christmas is a great time for carousing. Men drink homemade brews that are concoctions of sorghum and millet solution, honey and yeast.

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The Fool

Issue No. 199 ~ December, 2013

Woody looked up and down the car; his head swiveled smoothly left and right in a bit of calculated theater. He’d already chosen a victim for his disarming smile, a nervous woman with two young children, all of them wearing I LOVE NEW YORK polo shirts still creased from the store shelf.


Issue No. 199 ~ December, 2013

Turning to the screen before Noah flicks it off, I speculate that Norma Shearer must be unable to move in her square-tipped shoes, shrinking under the carapace of her gown, seamed with celluloid diamonds up to the cleavage, fossilized by powder.

Snow Globe

Issue No. 199 ~ December, 2013

Now, sex and pregnancy are no longer separate. Before Baby, you sought out the former with a Mike Tyson vengeance and when in the middle of the former you did your best to avoid the latter.

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Magician Dad

Issue No. 199 ~ December, 2013

So, my father went to medical school, and worked as a magician on the side, which I’m sure he’d had an interest in since childhood, and to top off the act, he became a psychiatrist.