local_library Maelstrom

by Benjamin Smith

Published in Issue No. 200 ~ January, 2014

Crushed rubies churn

On jagged cliffs;

Sea-jaws of stone

Spewing up blue brine;

Clouds of bubble-burst

Slope to the surface.


Brooding brushstrokes

Menace blue-black,

Silver lilt.

Storm clouds explode,

Glass drops shatter

On impact.


Bass tone sky-rips

Thunder out doom

In god’s voice,

Wake the Kraken,

Summon Armageddon:

End of days.


Black bulbs.

Black tentacles claw

Down the ancient stars,

Quell the moonlight –

Plunge the world in darkness;

Eternal pitch.


Peace now reigns

The empty vault

Like dormant field mice

Or cattle grazing.

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Benjamin Smith is 28 years old and grew up in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire. He has spent the past three years traveling around Latin America and currently lives in Guadalajara, Mexico with Karla Katmandu who makes him get out of bed. His poems have previously appeared in: The Recusant, The Cannon's Mouth, The Empty Mirror and The London Grip.