local_library Paper-Cup Signet

by Kevin Kinsella

Published in Issue No. 208 ~ September, 2014

Brown stains

on the suspended ceiling

match brown stains

on the carpeting which

match brown stains

on the woman’s blouse

that mirror brown stains

on the official form

set like a brown seal

around her signature

in the lower right

above mine also

steeped in brown

as she files it away

in a thick brown folder

and smiles blankly

with teeth stained brown

from coffee or worse


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Kevin Kinsella is a freelance writer and poet living in Brooklyn. He is the translator (from Russian) of Osip Mandelstam's "Tristia (Green Integer Books) and Sasha Chernyi's "Children's Island" (Lightful Press). His work has appeared in Tarpaulin Sky Magazine, The Believer, and The Rumpus.