Sunday Night Lane Swim Jane Ozkowski Poetry

local_library Sunday Night Lane Swim

by Jane Ozkowski

Published in Issue No. 208 ~ September, 2014

the children

had gone home and adult

strokes synched up

the lifeguard tower watching

arms hit water


sun came through the south

facing window

and happiness was

a feeling like hot and cold are feelings


a two-year-old asleep

on the car ride home


no one was drowning

no one was going to drown


a fox stood in front of the window

looking in as we looked out

we who’d always been


jealous of each other


we lifted our arms, bending

in a single slow wave

the fox ran off

and we dissolved

back to the water


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Jane Ozkowski was the winner of the Broken Social Scene Story Contest. Her work has appeared on The Walrus Blog, in Poetry is Dead and in a variety of online magazines. She can be found online at and in real life in Toronto.