local_library Tribute to Derek

by Wendy Alger

Published in Issue No. 211 ~ December, 2014

I want to say good bye to you.
But I wasn’t there.

I want to say I’ll miss you too,
And that it isn’t fair.

I want to rile and rant and rave.
I want to tell you you’re so brave.

To hold your hand, and understand.
To wipe your tears, allay your fears.

To see you smile for just a while.
Embrace release and be at peace.

To show how much I care.

It’s difficult to be away,
When I still had so much to say.

It’s more than I can bear.

And so I’ll leave the bulk unsaid,
And say, “I love you” just instead.

And know you’ll always be with me
An absolute reality,
Because we’re of a mind that sees,
The world in its temerity,
Exactly as it is.