216 May, 2015

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Third Tour Nightmares

Issue No. 216 ~ May, 2015

Waking up was not an easy thing to do. There are stages to waking from a drug-induced sleep. First, I could hear. Then, I could feel. Then, I could see. And, then I could think. I remembered the dream and cried a little, just a whimper that turned into the moaning sound.


Issue No. 216 ~ May, 2015

In the minutes before reaching the summit hut, the snow had been coming at them sideways. Still now they could hear it piling on outside.

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The Actress

Issue No. 216 ~ May, 2015

ANGEL JUST HIT 42. It feels like a crash. She’s been acting thirty years and fears the bloom is off the rose.

Broken Houses

Issue No. 216 ~ May, 2015

The two of them moved here in October, and they'll be moving again before school starts, and we need to find that broken-down house soon because it'll be our last chance.

Me vs You

Issue No. 216 ~ May, 2015

I was also a baby in bar-cafes with linoleum table tops and wooden bars. There were cigarette machines with the cowboy Marlboro Man and abuelitos drinking agua ardiente in their cortados. “You could smoke in cafes then?” Yeah, you still can.