217 June, 2015

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Issue No. 217 ~ June, 2015

It’d been a rough weekend. The kids were antsy from too much time in the house, and the weight of the low gray sky was working silently in her, firing an almost maniacal longing for sunlight.

Wolves’ Den

Issue No. 217 ~ June, 2015

He put on his socks. They were white, bleached, and clean. Socks without smells. Not even a scent from the dryer. Blank cleanliness. That was the kind that would do. Anything else reminded him of germs. Of disease. Of infection. Of himself.

Via Dolorosa

Issue No. 217 ~ June, 2015

As the months passed Tom became more methodical in his work. He found a number of websites that listed accidents on New Jersey highways and roads, including those with fatalities. He put the locations and dates of the fatal accidents on his list and waited a week or two before going to the site. Not always, but frequently, a memorial would sprout up on the spot and he would find it and root it out.

The Demon Lover

Issue No. 217 ~ June, 2015

She comes in through the faucet. I’m pretty sure. Colin’s former lover. You’d think I’d know, that I’d notice something like that.