by Felix Nicolau

Published in Issue No. 218 ~ July, 2015

back from the kitchen I fix everything that gets in the way

chairs flip-flops cigarettes popinjays plumbing

I turn the wrench around the nut and hiss

naked but for a burgundy slip she asks me:

what’s a screwing wrench I hiss

and fix her right there between the chair and table

she sits up happily and asks

now what on earth are tables

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Felix Nicolau is Professor at the Department of Foreign Languages and Communication, The Technical University of Civil Engineering, Bucharest, Romania. He defended his PhD in Comparative Literature in 2003 and is the author of five volumes of poetry (Kamceatka – time IS honey, 2014), two novels and eight books of literary and communication theory: Take the Floor. Professional Communication Theoretically Contextualized (2014), Cultural Communication: Approaches to Modernity and Postmodernity (2014), Comunicare şi creativitate. Interpretarea textului contemporan (Communication and Creativity. The Interpretation of Contemporary Text, 2014), Homo Imprudens (2006), Anticanonice (Anticanonicals, 2009), Codul lui Eminescu (Eminescu’s Code, 2010), and Estetica inumană: de la Postmodernism la Facebook (The Inhuman Aesthetics: from Postmodernism to Facebook, 2013). He is member in the editorial boards of “Poesis International”, “The Muse – an International Journal of Poetry” and “Metaliteratura” magazines. His areas of interest are translation studies, the theory of communication, comparative literature, cultural studies, translation studies, and British and American studies.