Apotheosis of Religion Joseph Allencherril Poetry

local_library Apotheosis of Religion

by Joseph Allencherril

Published in Issue No. 220 ~ September, 2015

The title begs the question

Why God and why now?

God laughs

when man says that he is dead.

So go the silly devotions and sour-faced saints.


Doctor Aquinas tells us

Objects in motion must

possess a mover and


Dr. Pascal took a no-brainer

wager theons ago.


Decades of decadence pursued.


The 4 things before permanent shut-eye are

Death, Judgement, Hell, Judgement.


How can Man say that He does not know suffering when

God knew the Greatest suffering Himself

as he scarred the earth with an open sepulcher.

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Joseph Allencherril is an M.D. candidate at Baylor College of Medicine. He runs Ivy Planners, a tutoring organization based in Houston. You can read his blog at www.latticeinvesting.blogspot.com.