by Joseph Allencherril

Published in Issue No. 220 ~ September, 2015

If it makes me feel any better,

I try to relive every Groundhog day as if it were my last.

There is a slight warmth on the posterior of my neck

that seems lost like those foreigners who speaka English.

I will do that yesterday, they said

as we appreciated

the sarcastic fonts of that sarcophagus in the Louvre

And those ritzy pretzels

were making me thirsty

for a delicious nap.

Now let me savor

these silver slumbers

seep into my sides –

they serve me plates of respite

from textbooking—

as permanent as love.

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Joseph Allencherril is an M.D. candidate at Baylor College of Medicine. He runs Ivy Planners, a tutoring organization based in Houston. You can read his blog at