221 October, 2015

map Macro-Fiction


Issue No. 221 ~ October, 2015

They reached the place they started from, the entrance to Renske Hall, and Moira had no reason anymore not to go back to her car. Ryan wasn’t much like the person she remembered. He seemed polished now, careful. And Greg had trouble shutting up. The …


Issue No. 221 ~ October, 2015

I’m just gonna swoop in and out. Two minutes. Double park. Flashers on. Quick, so I decide there is no need to dress. My formal work coat hides stained sweats. I’m wearing sneakers and a Pink Floyd t-shirt. The one you washed a hundred times. …

Higgs Morning

Issue No. 221 ~ October, 2015

You wake up at noon.   Or rather, at noon:   Gathering Potential of Self-Disgust (n) becomes so great that it exceeds Power Required For Upright (α).   ∫= Lim(n→∞) ≥ α   ∴∫ = 12:00, but First Alarm was set for 7:59 and you …


Issue No. 221 ~ October, 2015

When I am hungry for a cigarette, really hungry for a cigarette, I knock on Mrs. Patterson’s door. I pace first, peer through my peep hole looking for signs and listening for sounds that she is at home. I count and recount loose change hoping …

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