223 December, 2015

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Issue No. 223 ~ December, 2015

There were two couples. Harvey, who was middle-aged, and his thirty year-old wife, short, plump Christobel; and Kees and Chloe who were about Christobel’s age. Harvey was a writer, still physically fit for his age, but doggedly cynical about anything non-intellectual. Kees, tall and strong, …

Miracle Lost

Issue No. 223 ~ December, 2015

I’m elbow deep in frozen entrees when Jenny walks into the Food-Mart. As I lean in, the cold air freezes my breath. My employee nametag taps against the glass as I set the last two boxes onto their stack. Jenny is standing at the front. …

Thunder, Perfect Mind

Issue No. 223 ~ December, 2015

After the lights go out and the tornadoes rip through, the rain lashes the windows, the sirens wale sporadically and the radio mumbles news of funnel clouds, overturned penitentiary buses, jackknifed semis, and roads blocked by fallen telephone poles before simply throbbing a repeated emergency …

Sex and Sister Margaret

Issue No. 223 ~ December, 2015

I was propelled into debauchery at the Piggly Wiggly. It was the accident that started it all; crashing into a woman’s cart as I recklessly raced mine around an end cap of the cereal aisle. The impact was significant, scrambling our goods. “Hey!” she cried …