The Creature Walks Among Us Mike Walker Poetry

local_library The Creature Walks Among Us

by Mike Walker

Published in Issue No. 224 ~ January, 2016

I stare at the ocean

I stare until I drown

You cannot convince me

That I live landlocked

That the myth of Sisyphus

Is meaningless.

I stand slack-jawed

I watch the girl in her one-piece.

You cannot convince me

That the gills no longer work

That I cannot shed this

Cumbersome suit.

I’ll get this right one of these days

I’ll tear the fence

Learn to kill the right people

Look at those breakers out there

Far far out there in the dark

I study them all the time

Even when you’re talking…

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Michael Walker is a writer/musician artist living in Columbus Ohio. His first novel, 7-22, was published by CreativeGuy Publishing in Vancouver,BC in 2013. His second book, The Vampire Henry, will be published by Horrified Press in September of 2015.