227 April, 2016

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Dirty Death

Issue No. 227 ~ April, 2016

“I’m the traveler. Right here.” I waved my hand, but he didn’t acknowledge. I suppose that was when I started to suspect I was dead, at the train station. People had been ignoring me all day, from the taxi driver on Fifth, to the coffee …

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Out to Pasture

Issue No. 227 ~ April, 2016

On his last day of work, Ben Warner woke up early, an hour ahead of the sun. As usual, he was glad to be awake, relieved to be alive, to feel his heart beating, lungs filling and emptying, his mind gradually emerging from a dream. …

Performance Anxiety

Issue No. 227 ~ April, 2016

They make you believe that what you’re seeing is real. That the person you’re seeing is the person they actually are. For a performance to work, you need to feel like you’re seeing a real person experiencing real life: feeling real sensations, real emotions. Their …


Issue No. 227 ~ April, 2016

This faint noise I can’t place sounds in the back yard. Chy-shyun, goes the sound. When I go out I find my son digging a hole. The sun shines down on him, his torso bare and shining with sweat. Sand caked with perspiration into mud …