228 May, 2016

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Bring Me the Moon

Issue No. 228 ~ May, 2016

The first time you brought me the moon, I demanded you put it right back where you got it. “People need that, you know!” I said, scooting you out the door while you cradled the moon gingerly in your arms. I pointed up at the …

No Time Hath She

Issue No. 228 ~ May, 2016

Jim Walsh says he has all this stuff to do in town and do I want to go with him, so I tag along. We go to the bank. The post office. Taco Time. After we’ve eaten our burritos he says he needs to stop …

map Macro-Fiction

The Actors

Issue No. 228 ~ May, 2016

October. The slap of the blue sky overhead. Orange leaves ran along the pavement, chased by red. They crunched under the beefy soles of my school shoes; they scudded across the black leather, itching to scratch the cracked black plastic. Yet never getting there, nature …

Strange Medicine

Issue No. 228 ~ May, 2016

“We often put the old ways to work for cases like this, especially when we don’t get the results we want from other strategies.” He means when what they thought would work doesn’t. He put took his hands from the pockets of his white coat …

Mr. and Mrs. Schlossman’s Piece of Fish

Issue No. 228 ~ May, 2016

After Mendel Schlossman returned from the hospital, where he’d been treated for the food poisoning he contracted at his retirement party, he and his wife invited me over for dinner. This was a very nice gesture, especially considering I’d been in charge of the party. …