230 July, 2016

map Macro-Fiction

Jacob’s Baby

Issue No. 230 ~ July, 2016

We hadn’t seen Jake and Wendy in over two years, since our engagement party at the Gooney Bird. It was one hundred and thirteen degrees that day. Crippling heat for Northern California. They sat alone on the far side of the beer garden, under a …

In The Wall

Issue No. 230 ~ July, 2016

Her tiredness was sharp and it was cutting at her but she didn’t want to sound melodramatic. She didn’t slump or lie down and she kept her complaints to a minimum. Besides, this was a choice, hers. She told herself others were just as tired …

Ole Ned

Issue No. 230 ~ July, 2016

The release chopper hovered over abandoned land, near former Philadelphia. Lucias listened to the count of the crew chief, “three,” “two,” “godspeed,” and slid out the rear hatch with a bearing of one-eighty. Twenty-two hundred hours, no moon. He flew a Powered Stealth Glider, preferred …

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