local_library Love Poem 2

by Farnood Jahangiri

Published in Issue No. 232 ~ September, 2016

I’ll love you till the time when

You are following their way

They: apparitions of night

And shameless ghouls of day


I’ll love you till the time when

You are my murderer

And eater of my flesh before my death;

Drinker of my blood after

my cry.


I’ll love you till the time when

They make me your enemy

And you make them ugliest sacrifices

By slaughtering me.


When you all dance in unison

And eat my flesh on trays,

I’ll see you admit I was alive

Through all the nights and days.


Because I never, never wanted to

On a horrid truth rely

And I never wanted to admit

Love is a beautiful lie.


You’ll love me surely when I am gone

And you’ll be in search of me

Because you’ll have lost your dying soul

When one living soul is me.

By Farnood

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I'm a student of English at Baha'i Institute for Higher Education. I started writing poems when I was 13 years old. First, I used to write in Farsi, but now I prefer to write in English.

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