GX Jupitter-Larsen Daniel Ableev One on One

portrait GX Jupitter-Larsen

interviewed by Daniel Ableev

Published in Issue No. 240 ~ May, 2017

GX Jupitter-Larsen has worked as a performance artist, sound artist, writer, and filmmaker. He also collects stamps, and is a devout psammologist. Much of his work is a self-created lexicon consisting mainly of personalized units of measurement. A casual observer’s literacy of this vernacular is optional. GX employs all misunderstandings as a calibration. Comparing a reinterpretation to the original intent gives him a deeper awareness of his own thought process. By this means, there is no passive audience, only collaborators.

http://www.jupitter-larsen.com  |   http://www.noisyvideo.com


DA: What are some of your most important aesthetic influences?


GX: Gorgeous George. Gorgeous George was a psychiatrist turned wrestler. He single-handily transformed Wrestling into the theatre of the absurd we know today. Wigs, costumes, wit and humour were all part of his effect. He mastered audience participation, making the crowd as much a part of the spectacle as the performers. Practically every wrestler today employs much of the stage mannerisms and conduct George pioneered in the 1950’s.


DA: What’s your view on fracking, if done by elbow?


GX: Oh, I care about Nietzsche alright. I live in the Miracle Mile area in Los Angeles, near the La Brea Tar Pits.


DA: Would you like this interviewtf more if it had another title, like “No, Sir-iously,” or “’Have you explained your pupils to the cloud?’ I asked my ex-mom. But she was without vigor, she just stayed very calm and revised my hermy strangeness over and over again”?


GX: My mom’s name was Lilly.


DA: You don’t have to be gay to find penises fascinating. The comedy “Superbad,”  for instance, features some funky dickophilia moments. What do you think about enhancing (or encocking) classic films the way you enhance (or encock) newsies? Oskar Schindler smoking a dickarette, for fuck’s sake?


GX: There’s a Buddhist monastery in Bhutan completely covered in phallic imagery. Locals say such penises ward off evil spirits. Works for me.


DA: What is the most (experimental) piece of art you’ve ever enjoyed?


GX: Survival Research Laboratories, in Graz, in 1992. Truck-sized robots were fighting as pyrotechnics went off everywhere. There was so much noise in fact, many locals called the police, thinking that the nearby Yugoslavian civil war had spilled over the border. When they were informed that all they were hearing was some performance art event, a number of them were still in disbelief, and called the national government in Vienna. Austria was officially put on war alert for 24 hours.


DA: If 100 divided by 2 were 42, what would 3 times 1°1 be?


GX: So, first we have to ask, which number is playing the trick on you? Is it a short hundred, or a chubby two? Fact is, no number has to be as hard or rigid as people want. Numbers can be soft and flexible. Numbers along a counting order do not have to conform to each other’s properties. Yes, there is an answer, but it’s going to be multidimensional instead of linear.


DA: What is the biggest dick in the universe? Whose asshole would it fit perfectly?


GX: Your average Blue Whale has a penis size that is about 3 meters. That’s pretty long.


DA: One TED talk a day keeps ___________ away?


GX: Your intelligence.


DA: Which role will (or should) male genitalia play in the far future – dick-hacking, ass-splicing, bio-junk, interstellar engineering?


GX: The appendix is where beneficial bacteria can be left undisturbed until they’re needed for digestion. For the time being that is. I think the appendix has been reserved by evolution for a greater purpose not yet determined by the whole of nature. The brain, right now, may be where ideas hide out until they’re required, but what if evolution has something else in mind for the brain? What if the brain is headed for a function far different than that of thought? What if all culture and civilization are just the accidental and temporary byproduct of a work in progress? Could we be moving towards a point when our backbones give way and our nervous systems no longer have any central coordinating cluster? Where am I going to put my grocery list then?


DA: At which point does Bizarro become an unacceptable transgression? Is it possible that music is totally overrated? Could one say the same about athlete’s dick? What would you rather have invented – the Ö or the 1?


GX: Words are always misread. The sender’s intent is consistently filtered by a receiver’s anticipations. This unavoidable relationship is constantly active. At best, all symbols, be they words, numbers, or pictograms, can only function as approximations. Language is a probability model of potential meanings. No symbol is an absolute. All of this, of course, almost never happens. Truth is neither an abstract ideal nor a physical attribute. Within the context of language, truth is the adjective or adverb form for the concept of entropy.


DA: Why doesn’t the Canadian tech-metal band Martyr get the attention they deserve so much?


GX: There’s only three really truly great Canadians: Grey Owl, Dr. Norman Bethune, and Tommy Douglas. And, they could all recite Rabbie Burns so beautifully.


DA: How many spiders are needed to creep out one level-4 arachnophobe?


GX: The term “inconvenient truth” is redundant. If it’s not inconvenient, it’s not true.


DA: What is your favorite color?


GX: As with most language symbols, the current meaning has no relationship with the original intent.


DA: Bonus question: What’s your take on the following 8 Nonsemes?


He did not want to force it upon you,
he was merely being a poor undergraduate meat wart.
But when it comes to H’Art,
he will press Tetris-like Caucasians into your bowels.

A buxom Russian sausage
must pass through customs.
Unfortunately, customs doesn’t accept
no goods in “km.”


Jesse Shredkind
didn’t want to be “dyn” no longer.
Therefore he exchanged his left hand for

Cogito ergo a§§.
Anyone who thinks, thinks too much.
Stop right there and now, Brood,
otherwise your soul will end up as sour cream.

During the W.A.R. a grenade
made a “gronod”-like sound and broke a beer.
The beer crumbled,
which wasn’t nearly as shameful as shit dangling in eternity.
GX: Francisco Lopez’s Paris Hiss is nothing but tape hiss. It was originally issued in 1996 as a cassette packaged between two other connected blank tapes. I appreciated the purity of the themes. And somehow, the actual sounds always remind me of Paris. I love that too.



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Daniel Ableev, *1981 in Novosibirsk, Russia, is a certified strangeologist from Bonn, Germany; he has studied law and comparative literature, writes for the metal magazine “Legacy”, composes avantsounds for “Freuynde + Gaesdte” and co-edits “DIE NOVELLE – Zeitschrift für Experimentelles”; ∞ publications in German & English, print & online (“Born to Fear: Interviews with Thomas Ligotti”, “Jahrbuch der Lyrik 2009”, Ann & Jeff VanderMeer’s “The Big Book of Science Fiction”, “Alu” etc.).