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A Conversation with Pamela Dionne

Issue No. 283 ~ December, 2020

Poetry Editor Tristan Beach Zooms in for a conversation with Pamela Dionne, author of Paradox and Illusion (Finishing Line Press, 2020). Dionne and Beach talk about healing relationships through poetry, faith and vulnerability in publishing, and how to be anti-racist in fiction. Highlights of their …

GX Jupitter-Larsen

Issue No. 240 ~ May, 2017

GX Jupitter-Larsen has worked as a performance artist, sound artist, writer, and filmmaker. He also collects stamps, and is a devout psammologist. Much of his work is a self-created lexicon consisting mainly of personalized units of measurement. A casual observer’s literacy of this vernacular is …

Gillian Tobin

Issue No. 211 ~ December, 2014

The artwork of Gillian Tobin is anything but obvious. It takes time to see, observe, study, and digest her intent and message…patience and curiosity are required. These are exactly the qualities that attracted me to her work. I didn't “get it”…but desperately wanted to.

Gary Fincke

Issue No. 209 ~ October, 2014

Gary Fincke has published some 25 books of poetry, short fiction, and nonfiction, and his novel, How Blasphemy Sounds to God was published earlier this year by Braddock Avenue Books.

Richard Kramer

Issue No. 207 ~ August, 2014

Richard Kramer, an Emmy and multiple Peabody award winning writer, director and producer of numerous television series, is the author of These Things Happen (Unbridled Books, April 15, 2012), his first novel.

Todd Allan Brown

Issue No. 207 ~ August, 2014

The photography of Todd Allan Brown is both striking and consuming. Having graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with both Bachelor (1993) & Master (1995) degrees in Architecture, Brown is no stranger to aesthetic possibilities and design.

Cynthia Atkins

Issue No. 206 ~ July, 2014

Cynthia Atkins' most recent poetry collection, In the Event of Full Disclosure," has been featured in the Huffington Post and Bill and Dave's Cocktail Hour, founded by Bill Roorbach and Dave Gessner at http://billanddavescocktailhour.com.

Mirko Lamonaca: The Forgotten Town (2013)

Issue No. 205 ~ June, 2014

The roads are empty and the lights in the windows are off. The town looks like waste. Behind the shadows cast on the buildings, among the arks and along the deserted streets…the anxiety of silence and emptiness seems to hide the presence of solitary voyagers …

Ross Klavan

Issue No. 204 ~ May, 2014

Ross Klavan's novel Schmuck was published by Greenpoint Press earlier this year. His work spans film, television, and radio, as well as print, and also live performance. His original screenplay for the film Tigerland was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award.