207 August, 2014
The photography of Todd Allan Brown is both striking and consuming. Having graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with both Bachelor (1993) & Master (1995) degrees in Architecture, Brown is no stranger to aesthetic possibilities and design.

Todd Allan Brown

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pages Micro-Fiction

Riding the Rails

Issue No. 207 ~ August, 2014

He walks an extra kilometer in the minus thirty air to use Spadina Station’s Lowther Road entrance and celebrate his fiftieth birthday.

new_releases Creative Nonfiction

Getting the Last Word

Issue No. 207 ~ August, 2014

The day before Valentine’s Day, Dad called and told me he planned to take Mom to a psychiatrist to get her drugs strong enough to “drive the devil out.”

portrait One on One

Richard Kramer

Issue No. 207 ~ August, 2014

Richard Kramer, an Emmy and multiple Peabody award winning writer, director and producer of numerous television series, is the author of These Things Happen (Unbridled Books, April 15, 2012), his first novel.

perm_identity From the Editor

Take me out to the Ballgame

Issue No. 207 ~ August, 2014

My mother was the baseball fan, grateful for the arrival of the Mets as an expansion team in 1962 after the loss of her beloved Dodgers who left Brooklyn for Los Angeles at the end of 1957 season.

map Macro-Fiction

The Intruder

Issue No. 207 ~ August, 2014

He nodded his head, not in agreement but in confirmation that I was as serious as he had feared.


Issue No. 207 ~ August, 2014

Everything he said was a story, very matter of fact, never bragging. The story told itself like it was something he had gotten from a novel or a particularly vivid dream.