209 October, 2014
Timothy Hutto is an artist who mainly works with photography. Through the study of sign processes, signification and communication, Hutto touches overlapping themes of pragmatism and code through rubbish theory and composition.

Timothy Hutto

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portrait One on One

Gary Fincke

Issue No. 209 ~ October, 2014

Gary Fincke has published some 25 books of poetry, short fiction, and nonfiction, and his novel, How Blasphemy Sounds to God was published earlier this year by Braddock Avenue Books.

map Macro-Fiction

Abstract Art

Issue No. 209 ~ October, 2014

My stomach growled with hunger. I made my way to the bathroom and brushed and washed. Lemon rice, plain rice, rasam, brinjal poriyal and carrot sambar were neatly lined up in the fridge.

Never Do This

Issue No. 209 ~ October, 2014

A nerve will blinktap in your chest when you get outside. Your eyes will close, so you’ll feel the resonation more heavily.

At Don Smiley’s

Issue No. 209 ~ October, 2014

Suddenly we see ourselves watching in horror as the very last patient ahead of us, a lanky fellow, reels out of Smiley’s consulting room. He holds his mouth with both hands as if all his teeth will otherwise fall out. As his boots clatter on the polished ceramic tiles, like those of a drunkard staggering home from a local pub, my palms break out again in a sweat.