local_library 865 Miles

by Kimberly Potter Kendrick

Published in Issue No. 241 ~ June, 2017

865 miles

12 ½ hours

uncertain; a geographical antidote


expectations wrapped tightly in rainbow ribbon; a vision

aspirations, possibilities, convictions


survive, adapt, persevere

live instead of endure

a home instead of a residence

faith instead of persistent skepticism


preparation challenging

temperamental strife dictating

logic incongruent

strategy nonexistent


squares haphazardly filled

vigilantly constructed pyramid

memories smothered

breakables swaddled

prominently branded fragile

dumpster of discarded nightmares




silent inquisition


words vigorously stroked

black and white silhouettes

splattered paint

scattered buttons

squealing of the strings


anonymous in

anonymous out


unaware of the facets of me

expression without utterances

ink and letters

confessing the destruction

acceptance undetermined



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I graduated from Virginia Tech with Bachelor's of Science degree and attended graduate school at Virginia Commonwealth University. I live just outside of Tampa, Florida with my teenage son. My children and grandsons are my heart. I am passionate expressing my creativity through writing and painting. I have been previously published in The Literary Yard and the Southern Cross Review.

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