The Quickening Amber Simpson Poetry

local_library The Quickening

by Amber Simpson

Published in Issue No. 245 ~ October, 2017

I didn’t choose to become her.

Her wide mouth that laughs too loud

long hair around her neck

fingers for separating eggs

arms akimbo


I denied it.

Cut my hair.

Smoked a joint.

Vacationed alone.


I did not nap on the porch

did not marry early

did not rock me to sleep


But I am no one else’s wide laugh

no one else’s hair in a noose

no one else’s cradled hands


I made pecan pie

That everyone was too full to eat.

They ate it anyway.

I scolded us all.

I rocked us to sleep.


I didn’t choose to become her.

But I didn’t choose not to.

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Amber Simpson is a writer, editor, and teacher living in Auburn, Alabama. Her work has appeared in Extract(s) and The Wheelbarrow.