Spring on Warwick Blvd. Jennifer Leider Poetry

local_library Spring on Warwick Blvd.

by Jennifer Leider

Published in Issue No. 247 ~ December, 2017

New spring on warwick blvd


Bumblebees aviate


around cherry blossoms

in the pollen-muddled breeze.


Whitepink shuddering flowers,

yellowblack pelted bodies

b l u r

everything sways

over sweaty,

sun-ripened brick.


Police siren howls,

cherry blueberry lights

like summer pies.

A glorified tantrum

with screeching tires.


Arrest the bees

for loitering,

for breaking and entering

silky saccharine petals,

for being elated! drunks.



the officers speed past

blazing red, then blue, then red

after a black Honda Fit.

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I am a junior in college, studying journalism and hopelessly infatuated with poetry. I eat far more dinosaur chicken nuggets than should be permitted.

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