251 April, 2018

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Lake Como Stopover

Issue No. 251 ~ April, 2018

The woman seated across from me resembled a series of geometric shapes, painted in primary colours—red, yellow, blue—and floating around each other as if suspended in air. The fruits of light and shade, perhaps. Or more correctly, the space-cake—somehow maintained in one piece on the …

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I Get This Feeling It’s All Connected

Issue No. 251 ~ April, 2018

There’s this part of Elastic Heart where Sia sings “I want it, I want my life so bad, I’m doing everything I can,” and there’s a sense of yearning there. There’s this moment where her voice almost breaks. I don’t know how else to explain …

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The Sand Octopus

Issue No. 251 ~ April, 2018

Rei: universal energy outside all living things, the highest spiritual consciousness, God’s energy. Rei energy has a frequency of 7200 cps (cycles per second) or above.   “If you set a story in 1320, Europe, you’ve got to know that in 28 years, bubonic plague …

Recess with Liam Garvey

Issue No. 251 ~ April, 2018

Whenever people find out that I knew Liam Garvey when I was young, they: A) Treat me as if I was much cooler than they had previously thought of me, and B) Ask if I knew that he was going to be successful even back then. …

Escape from Alan’s World

Issue No. 251 ~ April, 2018

The four of us became close in that way intelligent, exiled boys, who are intelligent enough to know they are exiled, become. It wasn’t hard for us to inhabit Alan’s World – we’d already been driven out of our own. We chose to be immigrants …

The Whole Goddamn Town

Issue No. 251 ~ April, 2018

I made my way through the crowd and could see the man they shot. The dead man’s mouth was open, blood was flaming red on his hands, and his pants were wet. The smell was firecrackers and the sour mixture of blood and piss. Two …

Mr. Reynard, Ahead of His Time

Issue No. 251 ~ April, 2018

Mr. Reynard, 63, quite liked his front door. How it felt: the Knotty Alder (a wood with the “strength of maple and the personality of pine”) felt soft on his fingertips and on his lips. How it looked, of course, too: it was inviting but …