Death Of A Malabar Grey Hornbill Fabiyas M V Poetry

local_library Death Of A Malabar Grey Hornbill

by Fabiyas M V

Published in Issue No. 260 ~ January, 2019

That car swishes

along the forest road.

Who cares

about a poor bird in the age of lynching?

Its beak with berries in it


Its mate hears

wing-beats that never near.


A bird lover’s thoughts grow

from the carcass.

He climbs up

the tree trunk

and drops


through the slit in the sealed nest.

Beaks rise

from the enervating hunger.


The world needs

his deed.

Drooped wings

are countless.




*A mother hornbill never comes out of the sealed nest until its egg hatches.

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Fabiyas M V is a writer from Orumanayur village in Kerala, India. He is the author of Kanoli Kaleidoscope (PunksWritePoemsPress,US), Eternal Fragments (erbacce press,UK), and Moonlight And Solitude (Raspberry Books, India). His fiction and poetry have appeared in several anthologies, magazines and journals. His publishers include Western Australian University, British Council, University of Hawaii, Rosemont College, Forward Poetry, Off the Coast, Silver Blade, Pear Tree Press, Poetry Nook, Zimbell House Publishing LLC, Shooter, Nous, Structo, Encircle Publications, and Creative Writing Ink. He has won many international accolades including Merseyside at War Poetry Award from Liverpool University; Poetry Soup International Award; and Animal Poetry Prize 2012 from RSPCA (Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelties against Animals, UK). He was the finalist for Global Poetry Prize 2015 by the United Poets Laureate International (UPLI) in Vienna. His poems have been broadcast on All India Radio. He has an M.A. in English literature from University of Calicut, and a B.Ed. from Mahatma Gandhi University.