by Jack Donahue

Published in Issue No. 260 ~ January, 2019

Knuckles pull their power from the upper limb,

untie the knots, gnarled and unresolved.


Oils from the Garden of Eden

trickle into every hidden crevice,

tributaries feeding into the river of life.


Palliative petals and stones rounded by the sea

cover each self-inflicted wound.


A voice as ancient as crackled glass


turn over

to the other side.


You know the one

neglected for so many years,

the back that needs to be walked upon

hiding the bones closest to brokenness

many of them beyond repair.


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Numerous short stories and poems written by Jack Donahue have been or are soon to be published in journals such as: North Dakota Quarterly; Laldy (Scotland); Prole (U.K.); Poetry Salzburg Review (Austria); Armarolla (Cypress); Bindweed (Ireland); The Almagre Review and others throughout North America, India and Europe. His first book of poems, “Just Below the Surface” is set for a fall 2018 launch. A children’s picture book, “Come Play With Me By The Sea” will be published later this year. Mr. Donahue received his M.Div. degree from New Brunswick, Theological Seminary, NJ in 2008. He is married and resides on the North Fork of Long Island, New York.