Lovers of Eternal Spring David Crews Poetry

local_library Lovers of Eternal Spring

by David Crews

Published in Issue No. 261 ~ February, 2019

After Rodin


I thought it would be larger


a small world shrouded in this embrace of two lovers. Two lovers


forgotten before the weight of eternal embrace


only here now


for all things that came before and before them, love.


In what sense? Of love made, lost


found again? More like two doves


frightened to flight, gone into gray sky only to return


the same rough bough, alight, flutter of wings in the dark green


lush canopy. You would need the weight of two


hundred doves


to hear the soft cooing remembered in morning light. It is


the impression of memory you hold


like the inside heart of a tree nestled, to embrace.


Even now


I see you there and somehow you feel new.


And the cooing comes as incantation, song we call


the presence shared here now with one another.


I say heart hear heavy. You say light wing flight.


What we cannot say is voice time gone, even as you


hold my hand, whisper into my ear


thoughts of temples, mosques, pyramids


and your warm breath floats


into everything I will call supreme lasting stone.



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DAVID CREWS ( serves as editor for The Stillwater Review and director of the Silconas Poetry Center at Sussex County College. He is author of the poetry collection High Peaks (Ra Press, 2015), as well as a new book of lyric essays on the Adirondacks titled Wander-Thrush (Ra Press, 2018).