The Mermaid 2 David Crews Poetry

local_library The Mermaid 2

by David Crews

Published in Issue No. 261 ~ February, 2019



In my dream you were there


behind me, your body nestled to mine. I could feel your


breath on my neck and I asked when you came.


I have always been here. They say time


in the universe is not the same


as how we think of time. You know my touch


because you’ve felt it before. My hand


wrapped to your thigh, how my mouth wets a path


down your skin’s delicate hairs.


I cannot ever know your touch without having felt


your absence. In the dream you were gone


carried away on the crest of a wave


when I woke I felt far from you.


That comes in the pain of distance and landscape


the emptiness of horizon. (She centers herself.)


Do not translate this, I want to feel you


inside me. Stay in this moment.


Do not go anywhere without me.




carried away on the crest of a wave” from “Land Locked Blues” by Bright Eyes (I’m Wide Awake, It’s Morning, 2005)





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DAVID CREWS ( serves as editor for The Stillwater Review and director of the Silconas Poetry Center at Sussex County College. He is author of the poetry collection High Peaks (Ra Press, 2015), as well as a new book of lyric essays on the Adirondacks titled Wander-Thrush (Ra Press, 2018).