If All Were To Begin Again Jayanta Bhaumik Poetry

local_library If All Were To Begin Again

by Jayanta Bhaumik

Published in Issue No. 266 ~ July, 2019

Replacing the dark with my room


I look like a smiling critter

behind that place

That is the place where

you can stow your mind

I see you sleeping there occasionally when

my mind is not present

and a garden is built there,

called the garden of the burden


you once sorted this out –

taught me a benchmark of shades

and inside my room,

I once painted it to show

perhaps an apocalyptic bedroom

we can now use burdens as

good playthings, or couplets of our time –

a flower game, mostly, a dark secret for all


can you replace me again with a chance?






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Jayanta Bhaumik is basically from the field of metaphysics and Astrology. Poetry is his passion and experiment, his Quest. A Research Member of American Federation of Astrologers Inc., he spends a period in Singapore and other south-east Asian countries every year for his professional assignments. His poems can be found in the recent issues of Poetry Super Highway and Zombie Logic Review.