Artwork of Natalie Bradford Natalie Bradford Art Work

palette Artwork of Natalie Bradford

by Natalie Bradford

Published in Issue No. 269 ~ October, 2019

A Detroit native, Natalie Bradford is a senior at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI, pursuing a degree in Fine Art with an emphasis in Printmaking. She makes prints, paintings, drawings, and

The themes that inspire Natalie’s work are absence, decay, humans, and nature. Through art, Natalie explores her concerns, anxieties, and curiosity about the future and what happens to our bodies and souls when we die. She is also interested in the duality of animal life and human life as they exist together in the world. She creates images and narratives of what she
perceives to be both fleeting moments right before death and (possible) life after death depicted by the human figure, nature, and animals.

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