269 October, 2019

Artwork of Natalie Bradford

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On Your Drive to Dexter St.

Issue No. 269 ~ October, 2019

You Remember…   Grandpa Victor telling you that possibilities are like Poland.   That he said this because just like the realm of possibility has borders that shrink with age, he’d lived to see the borders of Poland be divided and divested, a broken wishbone …

map Macro-Fiction


Issue No. 269 ~ October, 2019

My psychiatrist shoots dope. He returns from the bathroom with his shirt sleeves rolled up. I can see where he stuck himself. He should do a better job considering, at some point in his career, he had to have injected patients. Poor patients. First committed …

Alan and Alexa

Issue No. 269 ~ October, 2019

“One might say that the ancient right to take life…was replaced by a power to foster life, or disallow it to the point of death.” — Michel Foucault, “History of Sexuality, Vol. 1.”                         …


Issue No. 269 ~ October, 2019

The door was locked but a sign pressed against the pane read ‘OPEN’, so I pushed my thumb against the buzzer and waited. The window-display – a mass of objects arranged over dark, velvet-covered blocks – was as crowded and glittering as a city skyline. …