271 December, 2019

The Trees of Ali Shokri

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Clear Vision

Issue No. 271 ~ December, 2019

The problem with having a psychic in the building is we are often mistaken for clairvoyants. The fortune-telling business is one floor above, yet people are forever coming into our office and asking for a reading. This, despite our being a fully functioning vision care …

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Issue No. 271 ~ December, 2019

She was standing in line. The line had rounded the corner of the street. She didn’t actually see the beginning of the line, or where it led to exactly. She just ducked in line, right past the corner. It was the middle of the day. …

I’m home-schooled

Issue No. 271 ~ December, 2019

“It’s ok,” said the girl, setting her books on the counter. “I’m home-schooled.” The librarian would not have even considered the girl’s age at the time of day until the girl herself drew attention to it. But it couldn’t be denied. She was the only girl in …

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Call Me Guido by Mike Fiorito

Issue No. 271 ~ December, 2019

I have always been an admirer of everything Italian. Though, admirer does not sound like strong enough a word. Truth is: I believe my soul is Italian, and, in this life, I have been condemned to living away from my culture. For that reason, to …