The Poet's Stone: Henry Vaughan Susie Gharib Poetry

local_library The Poet’s Stone: Henry Vaughan

by Susie Gharib

Published in Issue No. 278 ~ July, 2020

It slumbers beneath a yew on the Allt,

unstained by sectarian blood,

pensively waiting for the Usk’s swan.


It holds eternity within its heart,

a Hermetic wand

to reshape the world.


It scintillates without a spark,

endowing each lark

with a seal of light.

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Susie Gharib is a graduate of the University of Strathclyde with a Ph.D. on the work of D.H. Lawrence. Her writing has appeared in multiple venues including Adelaide Literary Magazine, Down in the Dirt, PLJ, Impspired Magazine, Mad Swirl, Leaves of Ink, A New Ulster, the Ink Pantry, the Opiate, Synchronized Chaos, Peacock Journal, Westward Quarterly, and Crossways.