by r. j. keeler

Published in Issue No. 279 ~ August, 2020

To make everything trivial, that is joy and 

wisdom. When everything is commonplace
then nothing is important and hence painful

The clouds the sun the lost love the new
love. Once young the twister the broken
window the smell the camouflaged bug
death the writing blood on the road the
dirt the smell. Once young the fingernail
blue sky pushed the tip of the head through
the perineum yesterday this hour. Black
the wave of water the lost love the wind
blowing leaves speculation blood on the
road caution the late traveler the shoe
the pinch the smell spring the noise of
bowels weapons joy the home. The right
foot once young estrus the shaking deep
in the earth joy Orion green grass this hour
excellence. A hundred years the faith consid-
eration the twister food caution the latecomer
crushed spiders Ananias the plasma Wu the
lost art the rain time flies like an arrow.
Spirochete the one-hundred sixty-third
blue sky. Tree rings the fingernail the sun
compassion the sacred heart lessons.


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The author was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, and grew up in the jungles of Colombia. He holds a BS in Mathematics from North Carolina State University, an MS in Computer Science from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, an MBA from the University of California at Los Angeles, and a Certificate in Poetry from the University of Washington. An Honorman in the U.S. Naval Submarine School, he was Submarine Service (SS) qualified. He is a recipient of the Vietnam Service Medal, Honorable Discharge, and a Whiting Foundation Experimental Grant. He is a member of IEEE (technological society), AAAS (scientific society), and the Academy of American Poets. A former Boeing engineer.