Going to Ryder’s Lane in the Summer in New Jersey Elli Samuels Poetry

local_library Going to Ryder’s Lane in the Summer in New Jersey

by Elli Samuels

Published in Issue No. 283 ~ December, 2020

We were regulars,

before marketing

at a farm was so

very all in vogue.

I remember the

dust stirred up

by cars parking,

my little girl nose,

taking particles in.

Packing crates


the comeliness

of apples, and, always,

this lady, maybe eighty,

in a flowered housedress,

who made me wonder,

if there were people who

understood everything,

calling everyone darlin’.

Dad thumped watermelons

like it was a science,

I took pinches at peaches

because it seemed the thing to do,

and over time, through

an abundance of

irrational, still came

miracles like late plums,

and tomatoes on the vine

in August, asking whether

there is anything

more consistently

magnificent than the

sweet smell of summer,

like butter left out,

slowly softening

at its own pace.


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Elli Samuels grew up in a quaint East Coast town, spent decades in Texas, and now lives in the Pacific Northwest. She is the author of “Cooking with Elli: A Delicious Guide for Budding Foodies and Beyond” (2014), loved by many kitchens as a trusted go-to. Elli has contributed poems to the Eric Carle Writing Workshop (Amherst, MA 2018) and is a regular contributor to the Hood River Library Writing Group. She went to Rice University, later earned a J.D., is married with two children, and claims sweet spots for amazing food, running, yoga, and good books.