local_library 61 in September

by R L Swihart

Published in Issue No. 284 ~ January, 2021

If I’m not Mother’s grunt I’m my lover’s


If I’m not painting the deck or hacking weeds,

I’m painting the bathroom, replacing an exhaust fan,

or trying to get Charlie’s stink

off the patio


I’ll get back to you: Chekhov, Pascal, History

of Calculus


You’ll get back to me: Polyhymnia


I’ll get back to you: abstract heart, whose organic

counterpart is at another crossroad


Systolic: 180

Diastolic: 90


Alcohol: I’ve cut back

Salt: I don’t add it


I’m gobbling blueberries by the handful

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R L Swihart was born in Michigan but now resides in Long Beach CA. His work has sparsely dotted both the Net and hardcopy literary journals (e.g., Cordite, Pif Magazine, Denver Quarterly, Quadrant Magazine, Salt Hill Journal). His third book of poetry was released July 2020: Woodhenge.