by Rhiannon Auriol

Published in Issue No. 284 ~ January, 2021

bc taking your meds in a tent

just hits different

& i’ve always been able to pull off

a waterproof moment.

your face fluorescent

in the torchlight

makes me feel safe

& i can’t handle it: the lmao skyline,

the quick magic of ‘horizon’.

marooned as myself

on the beach at night i decide

that being clean is too dramatic,

that i want to be like

in love in love.

besides, i’m great at feeling


at eating trail mix for every meal,

at ignoring all my emails.

another unapologetic

plant & still no reply

from the moon.

i’m not blaming anyone.

i am too dissociate

for blame. idk why

i do it but yes

beneath this anorak

i am still wearing

my silver chain.

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Rhiannon Auriol (she/her) is a young creative currently based in Edinburgh. She has been writing and publishing work since 2015 after winning the BBC proms poetry award. Some of her work can be found online at And Other Poems, Datableed Zine and SPAM Zine as well as in PAIN Magazine, Cake, Perverse Poetry and HVTN. She is also a staff writer at Sunstroke Magazine and creator and editor of Daughterhood Zine (ig @daughterhoodzine)