on being alone, part 1 Rhiannon Auriol Poetry

local_library on being alone, part 1

by Rhiannon Auriol

Published in Issue No. 284 ~ January, 2021

the clock in the kitchen has stopped

at a quarter to nine. i have discovered

‘the garden’. my playlists have taken

a blue turn. lonely in the tent when it falls

over. you’re standing on a cliff

with your back to me. nothing unique.

emotions temporary. flowers brief.

the stars look deliberately esoteric,

the moon particularly

at sea. i’m on my knees

at the bottom of your hill.

i’m in disguise

as a gargoyle.

the woman i want to be

wears mother-of-pearl

& is cruel as silk sheets.

i don’t have time for love

but for you i’d drop everything –

please let me.

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Rhiannon Auriol (she/her) is a young creative currently based in Edinburgh. She has been writing and publishing work since 2015 after winning the BBC proms poetry award. Some of her work can be found online at And Other Poems, Datableed Zine and SPAM Zine as well as in PAIN Magazine, Cake, Perverse Poetry and HVTN. She is also a staff writer at Sunstroke Magazine and creator and editor of Daughterhood Zine (ig @daughterhoodzine)