Come Closer Horsefly Nana Liu Poetry

local_library Come Closer Horsefly

by Nana Liu

Published in Issue No. 286 ~ March, 2021

What if I turned into you one day

Psychedelic Kafka,

A thousand unseeing eyes for

a month—a lifetime’s saga.


Hovering wings, a hundred times

a second to beat

All to keep in the same place,

Red Queen’s race to repeat.


Resting to feed,

Stinging forbidden fruit

Living red nectar runs

Your will to life lies truth.


Caressing fleecy leaf,

A magic carpet in the wind

Giant world out there

All aboard friend or fiend.


Will you mount on my pin-board

I ask politely?

Labelled for all

to see your beauty.




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Nana Liu is a professor of theoretical physics from Australia. She believes that passion for science and poetry both spring from the same underlying desire to understand and to communicate, and that they can enrich each other. Her poems were recently accepted in the Shot Glass Journal, The Blue Nib and ASPZ.