local_library Vegan Mary

by Jim George

Published in Issue No. 287 ~ April, 2021

I can’t believe I see her!

She’s there upon my wall

Where the paint’s a’peeling

And underneath it all!

It’s the Vegan Mary

In all her glory there!

Her image unmistaken,

I bow and kiss the air.

She’s clearly here to show me

The error of my ways

And to kick me in my meatballs

(Although I paraphrase).

It’s a sign from heaven–

At least the critter one–

No once-living creature

Belongs inside a bun.

I’ve gotta change my habits

And think before I bite,

It’s an epiphany!

It’s all so black and white.

To hell with all the sausage,

The pork roll and the ham.

To hell with all the sirloin,

The chicken and the spam.

Hail Mary! Please forgive me

For my former choice of chow.

I swear right here before you

I won’t chew another cow.

I’ll become a new man,

A full-fledged herbivore,

I’ll spread the meatless gospel

And open up my door

To other kindred souls

Who are welcome one and all

To behold the Vegan Mary

Upon my crummy wall.

Maybe I can charge them

A few bucks to get in?

I’ll tithe you ten percent,

So it cannot be a sin.

Even miracles

Come with a price today,

So if you’ll please excuse me,

I’ll start to earn my pay!

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Jim George is a writer-artist-songwriter-musician from Reading, PA. His fiction, poems and artwork have appeared in Otoliths, The MOON, Dream Noir, The Sea Letter, The Ear, Defenestration, What Are Birds, Lotus-eater, Pennsylvania Bards Southeast Poetry Review, Fleas On The Dog, ANON, Hock Spit Slurp, Queen Mob's Tea House, The Five-Two, The Disappointed Housewife and Praxis; his nonfiction has been published in Playboy, Cinema Retro, and Best Classic Bands; and his songs have been used in television and film. He has written two books: Jim Shorts, a humorous collection of wordplay stories, poems, and line drawings, and My Mind’s Eyeful, an illustrated children’s book, both available as PDFs from the author. More information at https://byjimgeorge.wordpress.com