The Evolutionary Imperative of Brief Ecstasy Jeff Eisenbrey Poetry

local_library The Evolutionary Imperative of Brief Ecstasy

by Jeff Eisenbrey

Published in Issue No. 288 ~ May, 2021

Too lightly

embossed by joy

Blame the lizard brain

a need-to-know

limited capacity engine


We would drown

in summer showers and shooting stars

the lovers’ touch

so sustaining

as to crowd out loneliness and fear


The sting and yellow flash remain

welded like an insult

while amnesiac pleasures’ vapors

arouse the hunger

that makes addicts of us all


We remember Want

We slaver and scrape


to drape ourselves in comforts

against the coming night


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Jeff Eisenbrey teaches and writes in the Maritime Northwest. His poetry, fiction, and nonfiction work have been published by Juxtaprose, Painted Bride Quarterly, Rawboned, and other venues. Jeff earned his MFA Goddard College.