local_library I Want a New Scooter

by Beth Christian

Published in Issue No. 294 ~ November, 2021

knotted knobs on tree branches

catching my skin

slice open

let the throbbing out

discover the nakedness 

of transparency

of reflective thoughts

of colors of music

is this one enormous moment

that weaves interminably

determined never to burn

pulling me   a windless kite

light crashes 

moving to a dance

rocks skip easily

over a lap-less river

with sheaves of titillation

presence becomes lucidity

spreading particles apart

under circles to see

unencumbered eyes

light disperses

veils fall in open ponds

murmurs of laughter

the blood tide 

the deluge begins











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Beth Christian lives in Weybridge, Vermont near Bittersweet Falls. She shares her home with her husband of 40-plus years, nine parakeets, six chickens, two dogs, & a large painting of Che Guevara. Beth is a retired educator. She was forced out of her job because of her bipolar diagnosis & sticks it to the man one poem at a time (sans punctuation).