local_library You piss me off!

by Jeffrey Letterly

Published in Issue No. 297 ~ February, 2022

You piss me off! someone yelled in the neighborhood, four in the morning, slamming house doors or car doors, right before or after, and now, three hours later, there are dead spiders in tangle webs, dead potted flowers near doorsteps, both due to summer heat overlapping with September, an airplane flies low, eyes the landing strip to the north, attempts to drown out Sunday morning crickets, did they stay up late, or get up early, who pissed who off, and how, and why, broken glass somewhere, in a driveway, on a sidewalk, on the edge of the street where cars sometimes park, and devil is there, with a straw broom, using a piece of cardboard as a dustpan.


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Jeffrey Letterly is a composer and multi-disciplined performer. He was born and raised in the heartland of the Midwest and now resides in Syracuse, NY. His poetry can be found in Atticus Review, Bird Brained Zine Anthology, Clackamas Literary Review, and The Comstock Review.

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